About Katie

Katie’s experiences while growing up here in Wilmington inspired her love for the Wilmington area. Her family moved to Wilmington in 1990 from the Northeast. Katie lived on Wrightsville for a year while her family’s home was being built. She says, that somewhere between the beach and marsh grass is where her affection for southeastern NC was born. Maybe it was growing up trouping through the marshes at low tide, digging up Indian artifacts, fishing for flounder, climbing to the tippy tops of the old magnolias and boat rides to the barrier islands or maybe it was the hours spent with her mother pouring over Southern Home magazines (helping to pick the perfect touches for their family home) and the smells of sawdust and paint during visits to the construction site with her father. But most likely, it was all of the above which inspired her love for not only the beach, but also for homes, construction, and design. 

Katie went on to graduate from UNCW with a BS in Business Administration and a Marketing concentration. After college Katie explored corporate Marketing and Recruiting, only to succumb to her love for Wilmington and Real Estate. This passion never left her soul and although she has traveled the world far and wide, she and her family will always call Wilmington home and is passionate about sharing and exploring the area with her clients!